Soybean and other oilseeds

  1. Capacities up to 450 t/24h soybean basis
  2. European rolls
  3. Calibration of flake thickness at ranges of 0,01mm (0,0004”)
  4. “LMA” flakers with sliding bearing housings on tracks of hardened, machined steel “LMB” units with bearing housings on articulated arms
  5. Rolls mounted on spherical roller bearings
  6. Nodular cast-iron bearing housings
  7. Differential speeds in the Rolls
  8. Hidraulic opening and closing of the rolls
  9. Magnetic separator
  10. Protection against foreign materials with hydraulic damping
  11. Automatized feeding flow
  12. Overflow monitoring of meats upon the rolls
  13. Easy, standard maintenance